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Welcome to Maryhill Windwalk 2018!

Entry fee is $225 for three epic days on Maryhill.
There is a $25 discount if registered before August 27, 2018 (Early Bird Discount is over)
Juniors (16 and under) get a $50 discount, and groms get $100 off.
The Pro class will be given a $50 surcharge. The entire $50 surcharge will be added to the Pro Skateboard Prize Pool.
Entry into a second class will be an additional $50.

Classes must have at least 6 entrants to race. Except for the grom class.

Leathers or kevlars and full face helmet is REQUIRED!
Amateur class can elect to ride without leathers, but will require a full face helmet as well as knee and elbow pads. A $20 onsite, cash only, fee will be required.
We reserve the right to move amateurs into the pro class.
There will be a cash purse for the Pros.
We will do our best to give everyone a chance to race. But Pro Standup will be limited to a top 24 bracket. We will run a B bracket for those who don’t qualify in the top 24.

Introducing team racing. Teams of three will race three other teams at the same time! Teams will be awarded points based on position, with top two teams moving on.

In the event we run transponders, we will require a $40 (Euro/CDN) deposit. We will also accept government ID, car keys, cell phone, or something else of value. Deposit will be return when the transponder is returned, even if it is broken.